How Communities Help Older Neighbors

Community'Villages' Offer Vital Alternative for Seniors Who Want to Stay in Their Homes

Neighborhood villages, in nearly 200 locations around the country, bring communities together to help older neighbors receive services and build relationships while they remain in their own homes and beloved neighborhoods.

A cruise ship floats in blue water between a beach and an island.

HealthCould You Live On a Cruise Ship?

Many have floated the notion of living on a cruise ship in retirement, but few have actually tried it, and the idea may sound better than the reality.

Top 10 Healthiest Cities Infographic

HealthTop 10 Healthiest Cities Infographic

Find the healthiest communities in each state, including the Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the country by using this interactive infographic.

Biker crosses a bridge towards trees on a bright day.

Things to DoHopping on America’s Rails to Trails Movement

Utilizing abandoned or unused railroad tracks as public corridors for walking, cycling, fishing and skiing is growing in popularity across the nation.

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