Traverse City, MI is Death Defying

Broneah Kiteboarding in Traverse City, MI
Broneah Kiteboarding in Traverse City, MI

Want to fit in with the daredevils of Traverse City, MI? Find a spot on one of the area's many lakes and beaches, strap your feet into a surfboard, attach yourself to a kite, and enjoy the ride. Traverse City's consistent winds make it one of the best places anywhere for kiteboarding, which uses wind power to pull riders across water (and air), where they can perfect their wakeboarding moves, try jumps and stunts, or even carve tracks in the snow. At the center of the scene is Broneah Kiteboarding, offering popular two-day weekend camps from June through September to learn the basics of kite-boarding. Feeling even more extreme? Try the snow kiteboarding classes offered each February on the frozen Grand Traverse Bay.

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