Healthworks Kid's Museum is Starting an Education Epidemic

Hiding a health lesson inside a great time is Healthworks! specialty.

Since 2009, the kids' health museum has invited Tupelo’s parents, teachers, and especially kids to enjoy inspiring new ways to educate themselves on everything from healthy eating habits to how the human brain functions.

"Infectiously contaminating kids of all ages, everywhere,” is the motto adopted by Healthworks to describe the epidemic they hope will catch on across the nation.

A partnership between the Memorial Health System, Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi, and the North Mississippi Health Services created the first full-scale replication to inspire a healthier youth.

The interactive “Fit Pit,” “Big Mouth” dental hygiene game and the “Brain Theater” are just a few of the exciting activities kids can participate in while learning how to take care of their bodies.

Parents can enjoy $5 daily admission for a guided exploration through the museum, or plan an educational birthday party for up to 12 kids for $125. Teachers will love the field trips that are grade specific and come with a state-approved curriculum to carry over what they learn into the classroom.