Ross Perot Jr. Q & A on Fort Worth's Leaders

Perot's Q&A about his AllianceTexas development.

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Ross Perot Jr.



In addition to serving as chairman of Hillwood, one of the top real estate developers in the United States, Ross Perot Jr. also is chairman of The Perot Group, which manages many of the family's real estate, energy and financial investments. Perot was a founder of global technology company Perot Systems Corp. and served as chairman of its board from 2004 until the company was acquired by Dell Inc. in 2009. He is a 1981 graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville and a former U.S. Air Force pilot. 

Since 1990, Alliance has generated a total economic impact of more than $38.5 billion. What do you see as the project's most significant accomplishment?

Back in the mid-1980s when Hillwood was starting to roll, Fort Worth/Tarrant County was the No. 1 job-loss region in the United States because of our area's defense industry slowdowns and layoffs, due to the end of the Cold War. As Alliance has evolved, we have used mostly private dollars to develop and build it – at a 17-to-1 ratio to public dollars – and the direct economic impact to the region has been about $19 billion so far. 

Why should a company choose to locate in Alliance?

Leading to and from the development are great roads, great rail and a great airport, plus there are nine different fiber optic providers to Alliance. All the incentives are in place to bring companies to Alliance, and we still have plenty of room for companies to come here. We also have the land for two or three more mega-deals for huge companies that want to settle here.

What would you tell a company that is considering investing in Fort Worth and North Texas?

The biggest economic advantage for a company settling in North Texas is just that – you're in the state of Texas. Fort Worth and North Texas are in the middle of the country in a pro-growth state with no state income tax, where there is a strong workforce and a nice quality of life. Fort Worth is a great city with great leaders.

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