Kiepersol Estates Restaurant in Tyler, TX

Best Restaurants in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX has plenty of traditional Texas food offerings such as steaks and barbecue. But the city also ventures well beyond the state line with restaurants that specialize in French, Italian, Mediterranean and Latin cuisines.

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Currents Restaurant in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX Food Overview

The Tyler, TX restaurant scene is ... in a word – eclectic.

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What About Kabob & His Gyros in Tyler, TX

Stop by What About Kabob & His Gyros, located at 713 WSW Loop 323 in the River Oaks Plaza in Tyler, TX for mouthwatering kabobs, gyros, burgers, fusion delights and much more.

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The Potpourri House in Tyler, TX

A restaurant, boutique and gift shop, The Potpourri House is one of Tyler, TX’s most unique places to indulge in a love of food and shopping.

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Potpourri House in Tyler, TX

Popular Restaurants in Tyler, TX

Restaurants in Tyler, TX consist of a diverse dining scene such as Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q, Loggins Restaurant, Fat Catz Louisiana Kitchen, and more.

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Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX is a Top BBQ City

While Stanley's put Tyler's barbecue scene on the map, the city has many other delicious options.

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Janie's Cakes in Tyler, TX

Quality Dining in Tyler, TX

Tyler, TX is filled with restaurants that pay attention to the quality and detail that goes into every aspect of their food business.

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Nightlife in Downtown Tyler, TX

Rick's on the Square in Tyler, TX

Music fans of all ages flock Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to Rick’s On the Square, one of Tyler, TX’s most happening nightspots.

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The Blue Store in Tyler, TX

Dining Options in Tyler, TX

Dressed up or dressed down, you have plenty of options for dining out in Tyler, TX.

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