Health and Healthcare in Charlottesville, VA

Healthcare comes down to access, affordability and outcomes. Charlottesville residents have access to 2 acute care hospitals within 60 miles. The ratio of residents to primary care physicians is 165:1 compared to the national average of 598:1. Charlottesville residents are part of Charlottesville County, which ranks 43rd for health outcomes and 31st for health factors in the State of Virginia. Additionally, residents spend 45.2% less than the national average on health care-related goods and services.
Based on data from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
  • Hospitals in Charlottesville, VA

    2 hospitals within 60 miles

    of Charlottesville, VA
    21,612:1 population to hospital ratio
  • Doctors in Charlottesville, VA

    262 doctors within city limits

    of Charlottesville, VA
    165:1 population to primary care ratio
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