LaCamas Swim & Sport Allows Residents to Dive Into Fitness

LaCamas Swim & Sport isn't your typical health club. "We're a family swim and sport club – a cross between corporate gyms and a community center," says Ayre Williamson, membership director at LaCamas Swim & Sport. "We offer many community-based activities geared toward the whole family, and we work with local schools to offer swim programs and other physical education programs. Whether you need swimming lessons for the kids, a fast workout during a lunch break, intense training for a competitive event or anything in between, we are the club to support you." The facility's family-oriented nature is especially evident in the popular annual events it hosts, such as Wicked Workout in October, Turkey Trot in November and Waffle Run in December. "Wicked Workout is held on Halloween, and it's 90 minutes of cardio, strength training and flexibility for all ages," Williamson says. "Turkey Trot is a family run/walk that's open to everyone on Thanksgiving morning. There is no fee, and after the run, we have hot drinks and treats." Waffle Run is held Christmas Eve morning and is also geared toward families. "After the run, we do a breakfast for everyone," Williamson says. On New Year's Eve, the club always hosts the Sharky Swim, a 5,000-meter swim followed by a pancake breakfast. "We have a club activity almost every month, and all events are for the whole family to participate in," Williamson says. LaCamas Swim & Sport opened in 1998 and occupies a 50,000-square-foot facility with three pools, a hot tub, sauna, Nautilus circuit training, free weights, group fitness, basketball court, cardio room and more. Some of the club's most popular services include swim lessons for all ages, triathlon training, personal training, senior exercise classes and group fitness classes such as Zumba, Spinning and Jazzercise. There is also massage therapy, tanning, physical therapy, a hair salon and child care. The LaCamas Swim & Sport Kid's Club teaches kids the importance of exercise with programs such as Kids Fit, which includes soccer, scooters, hula hoops, basketball and other fun activities. The Kid's Club also offers arts and crafts in the afternoons. "LaCamas Swim & Sport is a great place to work because we get to be partners in a journey with our members to a long-term goal of health and happiness," Williamson says. "We get to be part of our community and our members' lives. And we get to celebrate the little and large achievements our members make each day."