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Wilkes Community College
Wilkes Community College

Students in Wilkes County Schools are some of the most tech-savvy in the region, if not the state, and grants and donations ensure that this tradition will continue.

The school system has invested heavily in classroom technology, as evidenced by each of the 646 classrooms in Wilkes County Schools being equipped with a SMART Board, a data projector and laptop for the system.

Teachers and 12th-grade students have been given individual laptops. Students in grade six have an e-mini, or smaller laptop, while students in grades four and five have personal digital assistants. All the devices are wireless, as the schools have been adapted for Wi-Fi.

Other notable advances in Wilkes County education:

North Wilkes High School

North Wilkes High was the top overall fundraising school in Wilkes County during the 2010-11 United Way Community Campaign. The high school raised $3,194, while North Wilkesboro Elementary was the top elementary school at $1,962. West Wilkes Middle was the top fundraising middle school at $2,508.

New Century Scholars

New Century Scholars taps sixth-graders who are from disadvantaged families. Teachers nominate up to six students from each middle school every year‚ and the winners receive $500 scholarships to Wilkes Community College if they graduate from high school.

Currently‚ there are more than 80 students in the New Century Scholars program. As part of their scholarship award‚ the students are mentored and perform 10 hours of community service each year.

Graduation Partnership

By the eighth grade‚ interested Wilkes County Schools students sign a two-part pledge stating that they will graduate from high school. In addition, their mentor – someone who makes a difference in their life – also signs the pledge that they will support the student.

Wilkes Community College

Two-year Wilkes Community College continues to serve northwest North Carolina, providing students with basic skills, occupational, technical and pre-baccalaureate programs. Students can earn associate degrees in a variety of areas, including accounting, computer information technology, and marketing and retail.

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