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In Gillette, WY, they’re playing your song with a variety of fun musical groups and events.

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In Gillette, WY, they’re playing your song with a variety of fun musical groups and events. And there’s something for everyone.

“We have lots of great opportunities to enjoy the musical scene here and it's wonderful to watch,” says Tracy Mathews, a resident of Gillette in Campbell County. “There is lots of talent in Gillette, and it absolutely inspires me to see so many talented people who go out and perform for no money in the community. It definitely makes the community a better place to live.”

Most famous is the Donkey Creek Festival, which is aptly named: Those who attend get a kick out of it. Begun by Gillette College in 2006 with the Big Horn Big Band and an audience of 50 people, the event has now become a summertime tradition in Campbell County. It is a three-day festival packed with music (everything from jazz to blues to gospel and more), food vendors, artist booths and thousands of guests who can’t wait to enjoy it all.

And that’s just the start. 

Music to Your Ears

The Energy City Voices, a Gillette College musical theater troupe of singer/dancers, made its debut this year and is already causing a buzz, according to Director Cheryl Ringer.

“We have had an overwhelming response from the community. They have seen just a portion of the show and they are so very excited,” she says. “I get calls and questions daily on when their performances are. They will be a big hit! The community has been waiting for something like this and now that it is here, they are thrilled.” 

The Powder River Symphony Orchestra, much like symphony music itself, brings an extra touch of beauty and regal quality to Campbell County. More than 60 members lend their exceptional talents to 17 different types of instruments to give guests a memorable musical experience. Don't be surprised to find visiting choirs from nearby schools partner up with the orchestra for special holiday concerts and other events.

Speaking of beauty and regality, the Gillette Chamber Singers have brought it to the city as well. Started in 1986, the mixed adult choir began with 16 members and is now up to 40. They are from different backgrounds and occupations but are all brought together by one thing – a love of singing.

In the House

The CAM-PLEX Heritage Center is one of the venues that hosts the Gillette Chamber Singers, and for good reason: The finest singers in Campbell County should have the finest facilities. The center features a 919-seat proscenium theater that has hosted Broadway productions, live concerts, dancing performances and more. The building also features dressing rooms, shower facilities and a makeup room, and can be rented out for private events.

For live, casual music lovers, Brothers Coffee Company features an open mic night the first and third Friday of each month at 7 p.m. for those who are ready to rock (or enjoy watching others do it). Jake's Tavern, established in 1994, gives live bands a stage for rock 'n' roll, blues and the occasional bit of country and rockabilly acts.

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