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There are amazing pours outside of wine country.
Looking for a fun, inclusive city with great food and an endless list of things to do? You need to check out Lexington.
It's hard to picture these cities without snow on the ground. But take our word for it: their summer alter egos are sunny, gorgeous and full of fun things to do.
Do you live for road trips? These cities are perfect for you.
World-class collections and a wide selection of concerts and performances keep residents and visitors busy — and inspired.
In other parts of the country, farm-to-table is a trend. In Des Moines, it's a way of life.
Try a trip off the beaten path at one of these farm-friendly vacations.
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Ames, Iowa

Tyler, Texas

Asheville, North Carolina

Franklin, Tennessee

Muskegon , Michigan

Iowa City, Iowa

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