Anchorage, AK Outdoor Activities Overview

Recreation options in Anchorage include hiking, snow sports, dozens of parks and golf.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 12:43
Anchorage AK


Since Anchorage has snowy terrain everywhere you look, the city sets forth the perfect outdoor opportunity to strap on some skis or ice fish on a frozen lake. In fact, Anchorage is number one on Livability's Top 10 Winter Cities list.

Alpine, Nordic, and snowboarding are just some of the ways you can cruise down one of the six surrounding mountain ranges. Another mode of transport is snowboarding, which is offered at a number of the ski resorts throughout the ranges.

Perhaps you would rather explore the mountains by hiking or biking one of the 400-plus trails – the city has been recognized as having one of the best trail systems in the nation from Runner’s Worlds and Biking Magazine. Hiking and biking is a good activity to do winter or summer, as is camping in one of the national state park campgrounds. You can get a view the mountains when you’re kayaking around the bay, or challenge yourself to Class V rapids on a whitewater route.

Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks & Recreations manages more than 220 parks, a number of which are dog parks, and about 80 playgrounds. Each park is designed to meet the needs of the respective area in which it's located. There are also two recreational facilities with youth through senior programs in activities like aquatics and outdoor adventures. The facilities have weight centers, gymnasiums, art studios and other utilities.

Other types of recreational facilities include the Centennial Campground and the Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouse. The department also has youth leagues that offer lacrosse, Pop Warner and other sports. Additionally, they put on a long list of running events, as well as ski lessons and events, kickball events, canine Frisbee and outdoor adventure camps. The Recreation Department thrives on volunteers, inviting almost 6,000 a year, so it’s easy to get involved.


With the Alaska Golf Association headquartered here and three premier courses nestled in between the mountain ranges, Anchorage is a breathtaking place to practice your stroke. Anchorage Golf Course and Moose Run have been awarded with being as the best in the state, and Tanglewood Lakes has a dome for indoor golfing year round.

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