Decatur, AL Business Overview

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 14:10

Business is booming in Morgan County. Home to Decatur, the county seat, the county has more than 25 Fortune and Global 500 companies. Decatur's economy is thriving thanks to the presence of these companies, its location on the Tennessee River and a strong tourism environment.

Port City

About 20 Fortune 500 companies have opened facilities in the city because of the ease of transporting and shipping goods by barge on the river.

Products and goods are transported to and from Decatur, from cat food to rockets. Meow Mix cat food has property in the city and utilizes the convenient access to the river to ship food all over the country.

The Port of Decatur has also been used for transporting satellite launching rockets to Cape Canaveral.


The employee pool in Decatur is highly skilled and receives opportunities for growth and skills training thanks to programs that focus on local and state industry training as well as recruitment.


Not only is the city a hotspot for shipping thanks to its accessibility, but the river and scenery bring tourists to town. The biggest attractions in Decatur are its numerous festivals including the oldest balloon race south of Kentucky and the largest Fourth of July event in the South.

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