Decatur, AL Activities Overview: Swimming, Sports Leagues

Decatur has great weather for enjoying outdoor recreation and indoor facilities for year-round activities.

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 14:09
Decatur, AL


Decatur has about 30 parks in the city, one of which is the Aquadome Park. Outside a playground and softball field keep residents entertained, and inside the clear dome, which is the focal point of the park, is a large pool for indoor swimming year round.

Sports Leagues

No matter your age, there are plenty of opportunities for team sports in Decatur. Adults can play basketball and all pitching speeds of softball. Youth sports leagues are numerous and include soccer, football and baseball.

Walking Trails

If you are looking to see the sights of Decatur while learning about the city’s history, then take one of four trails to go on a tour of the city’s past. The Historic Walking Tour guides you around some of the city’s historic neighborhoods in the Old Decatur and New Albany Historic Districts close to downtown by the bank of the Tennessee River.

Civil War buffs will enjoy being active and strolling through the site of a battle where Confederate General John Bell Hood tried to advance by traversing the river. It is part of the national Civil War Discovery Trail.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

Those hoping to angle in Decatur are in luck. Wheeler Wildlife Refuge is a great local fishing spot with 14 boat ramps and 18,000 surface area acres to fish on, which include 115 species of fish.

Birdwatchers can venture outside or stay in the wildlife observation building and view the fowl from indoors. There are also dozens of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and 10 registered threatened or endangered species.

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