Decatur, AL Public and Private Schools Overview

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 14:10

Public Schools

The Decatur City Schools district has been awarded the Alabama State Attorney General’s “Safe Schools Award” more often than any other system in Alabama. The district boasts a low student to teacher ratio and is one of the city’s top employers.

Seven of the state’s International Baccalaureate schools are found in Decatur, and it was the first in the region to offer the program.

Football is an important part of life in Decatur, and Decatur High School games take place in Ogle Stadium, which can seat 9,000 people.

The arts are also valued in Decatur City Schools. It was the state’s first system to have a partnership with Washington D.C.’s prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Both Decatur high schools have a long record of phenomenal band performances because Decatur High School and Austin High School often receive the highest score of Superior Rating in district and state competitions.

Private Schools

All of the private schools in Decatur are religiously affiliated with Christianity. There are three private schools in the city: Decatur Heritage Christian Academy, Cornerstone Christian School and St. Ann’s Catholic School. Both Decatur Heritage and Cornerstone accept students through their senior year of high school; St. Ann’s stops at ninth grade.

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