Decatur, AL Best Restaurant: C.F. Penn Hamburgers

Historic Eatery has served deep-fried burgers in Decatur since the Great Depression

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C.F. Penn Hamburgers in Decatur, AL
Photo courtesy of the Decatur/Morgan County CVB

C.F. Penn Hamburgers in Decatur has served slug burgers since the Great Depression. No actual slugs are involved though – slug is an old slang term for nickel. These burgers are a combination of beef and starchy filler that are deep fried and once cost only a couple of nickels. Today, a C.F. Penn burger will set you back a little over a dollar, and locals recommend getting them the way they were originally served, with mustard and onions. Even kings have dined on C.F. Penn’s burgers; Elvis loved them so much he would send out members of his entourage for a couple of bags of deep fried fare.

The additions of ketchup and french fries are relatively new, but these changes almost weren’t enough to save C.F. Penn from closing. Luckily, an outpouring of community support stopped the restaurant from shutting down, and today locals and visitors can still enjoy the burgers that were a favorite of rock ‘n’ roll royalty.

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