Prattauga Art Guild Fosters Creativity

Many art galleries showcase local art at the Prattville Creative Arts Center

On Monday, May 9, 2011 - 15:12

The Prattauga Art Guild is headquartered in an 1890s house on Chestnut Street near the Creekwalk, and the home has become the Prattville Creative Arts Center. The guild previously had a small office in the Centre for Performing Arts building in Prattville. 

Art Guild Building

“The guild is very well respected in this community and beyond, and now we have a spacious building where we can show off what we are most proud of – fine art," said Barbara Simpson, president of the Prattauga Art Guild.

The center has several rooms of gallery space, including the main room where visitors enter the home.

Special Events

“Besides showcasing art, the guild is involved in several special events throughout the year,” Simpson says.

One of those is ARTrek, an event each September that signals the beginning of the arts season in the River Region, which includes Prattville, Montgomery and Wetumpka.

“About a dozen galleries participate in ARTrek, which features art enthusiasts going to all of the galleries to appreciate the artistic talent that abounds in this region,” Simpson says.

The guild also hosts its annual Prattauga Art Guild Juried Fall Show, a respected event each October that showcases 100 pieces from artists throughout the Southeast United States.

“We are also involved with the Prattville CityFest, annually organizing artists who paint outdoors during the event,” Simpson says.

“The guild oversees a lot of activities, and the community supports the events that we schedule. Prattville residents enjoy beauty, and the Prattauga Art Guild appreciates the fact that we now have an impressive home to further showcase quality art.”

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