Visit the Prattaugan Museum & Archives

See the history of the Prattville area through historical preservation.

On Monday, May 9, 2011 - 15:12

When the mansion of Daniel Pratt was destroyed in 1963, the catchphrase "what a shame" seemed to reverberate around the city.

Knocking down the home of Prattville's founder seemed to rally people toward a cause of historical preservation, which is the mission of the present-day Prattaugan Museum & Archives.

The museum houses Daniel Pratt memorabilia, a Civil War room, county artifacts and genealogy information. History buffs today might also enjoy visiting Old Prattvillage, a collection of structures from the 19th century.

This historic district that now serves as a central dining and shopping district for Prattville is home to a 19th-century chapel, an original millworker cottage and the Mims Hotel of 1840.