Scottsdale, AZ: Business Climate

Scottsdale's business climate features tourism and large industries.

On Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 15:23
Scottsdale AZ

The business scene in Scottsdale focuses on economic development and local business investment. With a solid network for revitalization, entrepreneurial and small business support, its proximity to Phoenix enhances the already vast employer base. Home to several corporate headquarters, the city has several strong industry sectors, but tourism and health care remain its top draws.


A great deal of Scottsdale’s revenue comes from tourism, an industry that employs 39 percent of residents. The city’s is home to several award-winning spas and resorts, and its location in the Sonoran desert makes it a hot travel destination.

Health Care

Scottsdale Healthcare and the Mayo Clinic provide city residents with more job opportunities than any other private employer in the city. Altogether, these facilities employ nearly 12,000 people in the area making them top employers.


With an average commute of about 30 minutes and because of its proximity to the metropolis of Phoenix, the Valley Metro public transportation system transports residents and visitors where they need to go. Scottsdale is constantly making improvements in order to increase the efficiency of their systems. The city buses offer routes throughout the city and even to Tempe and Phoenix, while the Scottsdale Trolley offers more local transportation to, from and within the downtown area.

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