#9. Hershey

The sweetest place on earth, as Hershey, PA, is often called, could easily be overlooked when it comes to beer cities. Best known as the home of a chocolate empire, a solid collection of breweries and brewpubs in Hershey and nearby cities makes this place even sweeter. A high percentage of residents drink beer on a regular basis, and they tend to choose imported and craft brews over most of the mass-produced domestic beers. High quality breweries and somewhat refined drinkers help make Hershey one of the best beer cities.

Living in Hershey puts residents in the middle of central Pennsylvania’s growing beer scene. Ten Breweries in and around Hershey draw visitors to what local tourism officials have dubbed “Craft Beer Country.” Troegs Brewery moved to Hershey from nearby Harrisburg in 2011. The brewery has picked up six medals at the Great American Beer Festival since 2012 – five of those were gold. Troegs produces eight year-round and nine seasonal brews. The Brewery at Hershey produces four flagship beers and more than 15 seasonal and special project brews, including a raspberry oyster stout, maple porter and watermelon wheat. Now a regional chain of brewpubs, the Appalachian Brewing Company got its start in Harrisburg. Lancaster Brewing Company’s Harrisburg location is frequently filled with patrons who come as much for the food as they do the beer.

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