Running in Mankato, MN

#3. Mankato

The high concentration of hospitals in and around Mankato, MN gives residents of this Midwestern city plenty of options when it comes to health care. That’s a good thing because there are plenty of opportunities for picking up bumps and bruises taking on the many recreational pursuits offered in the scenic Minnesota River Valley. Those activities include snow skiing, kayaking, cycling and rock climbing, just to name a few.

The large number of hospitals in this community leads to more competitive pricing. Residents here spend 22 percent less on health care than most of the nation. The average price for a trip to the doctor in Mankato is $82, according to the Healthcare Bluebook.

Active Living

Mankato’s economic growth leads the state and much of the nation. Residents here enjoy more job opportunities and larger salaries than most of the country, while companies continue to watch profits soar. Mankato is surrounded by stunning scenery that invites outdoor enthusiasts to partake in a variety of activities. The Greater Mankato area offers more than 60 parks and 50 miles of paved trails connecting neighborhoods and retail areas. A vibrant downtown attracts visitors throughout the year. City Center, an especially popular downtown spot, features an abundance of restaurants, cultural attractions and shopping.

Mankato’s Got Connections

Those living in Mankato are fortunate to have a direct connection to one of the most trusted and applauded hospital systems in the country, the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato provides a full spectrum of health-care options, including cancer treatment and heart care while offering seamless referrals to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.


• 12 area hospitals
• Low spending on health care (22 points below national average)
• Low number of premature death cases
• Cost of Heart Valve Surgery – $46,572*
• Office Visit, New Patient (minor problem) – $82*

*According to the Healthcare Bluebook

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