#6. Raleigh NC

Kaitlin Ugolik-Phillips, 31, journalist & editor  

How Long I Lived in NYC: 7.5 years

Where I Moved: Raleigh, NC

Why I Left NYC: I got everything I could out of NYC without hating it, and I wanted to leave before that happened. I had a lot of fun spending my 20s living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan, but I was done. I was burnt out by the daily grind and wanted to cultivate a less stressful lifestyle with more outdoor time. 

Rent/Mortgage and Square Footage in NYC: $1,750 a month for 520 square feet (rental)

Rent/Mortgage and Square Footage in Raleigh: $1,520 a month for 1,400 square feet (own)

Most Pleasant Surprise About Relocating: The food scene here is much more exciting than I expected, and it’s evolving all the time.

Favorite Thing About Raleigh: The parks in the city and its proximity to both the mountains and beach.

Thing I Miss Most About NYC: Unpopular opinion, but the subway! I really miss public transportation.

Advice I’d Give to Someone Else Thinking of Moving to Raleigh: Familiarize yourself with NC college sports (and pick the NC State Wolfpack as your team!).

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