#8. San Antonio TX

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes, 31, owner of vintage shop Hello Tallulah

How Long I Lived in NYC: 7 years

Where I Moved: San Antonio, Texas

Why I Left NYC: I was unhappy with my career as a writer and social media manager. I was consistently exhausted from working retail to keep up with expenses. In the back of my mind was the dream of someday owning my own vintage shop. I decided to bring what I learned in NYC back to my hometown. 

Rent/Mortgage and Square Footage in NYC: $1,010 a month for 400 square feet

Rent/Mortgage and Square Footage in San Antonio: $900 a month for 710 square feet

Most Pleasant Surprise About Relocating: There are so many amazing small businesses, markets and unique events.

Favorite Thing About San Antonio: It’s a huge city with the community support and feel of a small town. 

Thing I Miss Most About NYC: I miss the natural exercise of walking around NYC and the prominent change in seasons. Oh, and the dumplings from Koreatown.

Advice I’d Give to Someone Else Thinking of Moving to San Antonio: Don’t be afraid to bring your brand of weirdness to San Antonio. We’re ready for it! The city is growing every day, ready to embrace the new and different. 

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