#8. Olive Branch

Jimmy Carter was the last Democratic presidential candidate to win the popular vote in Olive Branch, Miss. Since 1976, most residents in this small southern town have backed Republicans. The majority of residents in Olive Branch and surrounding DeSoto County identify themselves as conservatives, support pro-life candidates and hold the Second Amendment high.

In 2010, Alan Nunnelee, a Republican, defeated Democratic incumbent Travis Childers to win the seat of Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. GovTrack classifies Nunnelee as a “lonely far-right Republican.” He’s a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, Immigration Reform Caucus and International Conservation Caucus.  

Residents here are likely to …

  • drive a Buick.
  • eat at Chic-fil-A.
  • shop at Sam’s Club.
  • watch The Bachelorette.
  • read Good Housekeeping.

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