#6. Yukon

Yukon, like must of the surrounding 3rd Congressional District, is deeply tied to the agriculture industry. One of its claims to fame is Grady the cow, who drew national attention to Yukon, Okla., in 1949 when she got stuck in a silo for several days. While it has become more suburbanized in recent decades, residents still uphold conservative principles. Property rights are a critical issue, and residents adamantly oppose tax hikes. Most residents support conservative candidates across all levels of government.

Representing Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes most of Yukon, is Frank Lucas, who according to GovTrack is a moderate Republican. Lucas, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, supports tax relief, less government regulation and fair trade in agriculture. Lucas supports tougher immigration policies, gun owners rights and less EPA regulations.

Residents here are likely to …

  • drive a Buick.
  • eat at Chic-fil-A.
  • shop at Sam’s Club.
  • watch The Bachelorette.
  • read Good Housekeeping.

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