Boulder CO

#4. Boulder

It’s no secret that Boulder is a great place to start a business with a close-knit community that heavily supports entrepreneurs – and that’s why it ranks at the top of our list for entrepreneurs. (It was also #1 on the list last year.) This Colorado town ranks in the top 10 for small business loans, top 5 for educational attainment and access to high speed internet. The city ranks in the top 3 for culture and the top 20 for creative class workers – making it a mecca for the arts and culture scene. While housing is fairly affordable (in the top 20), food spending can get expensive. And while the average commute time is not ideal, the city ranks in the top 3 for transportation affordability. Boulder continues to rank on many of our lists, years in a row, such as the Top 100 Best Places to Live, Top 10 Best College Towns, Top 10 Best Foodie Cities and Top 10 Affordable Vacation Spots.

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