#31. Somerville

For those wanting the Boston experience without living in the city (and paying city prices), Somerville is the place for you. Just two miles northwest of Boston, Somerville seems to be a mecca for diverse creative class talent (ranks in top 10 for diversity). It ranks in the top 5 on this list for household income growth, yet is decently affordable, ranking in the top 15 for both housing and food spending, and number 2 for transportation. Commute time is also one of the top 5 lowest on this list. All-in-all, Somerville is one of the lesser-mentioned Boston suburbs, yet when you look at all it offers – diversity, affordability, low commute time – it’s the kind of place to get into ASAP. (Note: It also made our 10 Best Downtowns list and our 10 Best Cities for Liberals.)

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