#6. Boise

Residents of Boise, Idaho, tend to lean towards the right of the political spectrum, but this city has pockets of liberalism and most voters tend to choose politicians who take more moderate views. A neighborhood called North End, which is just a few blocks north of downtown Boise and includes a historic district, is viewed as a more liberal area by local political observers. Voters in North End rarely support Republicans in local elections, and community leaders place great emphasis on parks, bike trails and environmental protection. In general, most Boise residents favor protection of forests and park land over potential development. The Statehouse in Boise and dozens of other buildings in the city utilize a geothermal heating system that taps into underground hot springs.

Michael Simpson is serving his eighth term in the U.S. House of Representatives for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes Boise. A rank-and-file Republican, according to GovTrack, Simpson advocates for a new energy policy and renewed development of nuclear energy technology. Simpson has also pushed for updates to the Endangered Species Act.

Residents here are likely to …

  • drive a Subaru.
  • eat at Qdoba.
  • shop at REI.
  • watch The Newsroom.
  • read Good Housekeeping.

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