#10. Wildwood

Though voters in surrounding St. Louis County have recently backed Democrats, residents of Wildwood, Mo., lean more to the right of the political spectrum. Wildwood is the home of Republican Todd Akin, who represented Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District from 2001 to 2013, when he made an unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate.

Ann Wagner, who GovTrack classifies as a moderate Republican, currently holds the 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Wagner, who was elected in 2012, found bipartisan support in the House for the Retail Investor Protection Act, legislation she authored that protects access to affordable investments for middle-class families. She wrote the SAVE Act, which would give prosecutors more tools and power to go after those who advertise sex slavery.  

Residents here are likely to …

  • drive a Subaru.
  • eat at Qdoba.
  • shop at Sam’s Club.
  • watch Two and a Half Men.
  • read Time & Good Housekeeping.

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