#3. Bellevue

Surrounded by blueberry farms, vineyards, spas and lakes, Bellevue, WA, provides a resort-like atmosphere to the residents who are lucky enough to afford living here. Bellevue ranked No. 14 on our list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live. Retirees, like many entrepreneurs, are attracted to Bellevue’s high-end housing, vibrant entertainment options, low crime, excellent health care and strong economy. Bellevue holds the highest ratio of primary care physicians to residents out of the cities on this list of the best places to retire.

With no broad-based income tax in Washington, seniors don’t have to worry about paying taxes on Social Security benefits, pensions and other retirement income. However, housing and other costs are somewhat higher than in most cities. Washington offers four property-tax relief programs to seniors and those on limited incomes.

Bellevue residents enjoy pristine parks, clean sidewalks and streets, upscale shopping centers, and a mix of restaurants. Many residents take advantage of the city’s proximity to Seattle and venture into the larger city to watch professional sports teams, attend concerts and have dinner.

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