#4. Largo

An abundance of sunny days, golf courses, beaches and favorable tax policies make Florida one of the most popular states for retirees. Out of all the cities in the Sunshine State, Largo, FL, stood out as the best place to retire. Largo scored well in nearly every category we considered, especially low crime, natural amenities and services for older adults.

Few cities provide as many services and amenities for retirees as Largo does. From hospitals and clinics to restaurants and transportation services, many businesses here focus on making life more comfortable and enjoyable for older adults. Most neighborhoods and shopping areas are easy to navigate on foot or bicycle. The city of Largo maintains more than 400 acres of parkland, and residents can quickly get to nearby beaches, wilderness areas and waterways, including Tampa Bay, for a variety of recreation.

While the cost of living and home prices in Largo are above the national average, there are no taxes on retirement income, and residents 65 and older can receive property tax breaks. 

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