Best Places to Live


Explore the best places in America for various cultural activities

These are the Top 10s where we really start to get specific. For example, do you love reading? How about gardening? Perhaps history is more your thing. The bottom line is, we’ve branched out from the normal livability measures for these lists, looking more closely at specific cultural interests. And yes, dating is certainly a cultural interest.

  • 10 Best Cities for Singles

    Ranking Criteria: Percentage of population who are unmarried, Percentage of population between 20-34, Use of online dating websites, Went dancing in the last 12 months, Watched a romantic movie in last 6 months, Visited a nightclub/bar in last 12 months, Went to an art gallery in the last 12 months
  • 10 Best Haunted Houses

    This list of haunted houses and attractions includes hotels, abandoned hospitals, underground lairs and historic homes - all of which are in some of the best cities in the U.S.
    Ranking Criteria: History of paranormal activity, Ghost stories, Located in cities with lots to do
  • 10 Best Cities for Historic Preservation

    Why study history in books when you can walk through it? These cities have made historic preservation a priority and recognized the potential it has for attracting tourists, residents and businesses. Community leaders in these towns are committed to protecting historic buildings and, to a greater extent, their city's identity.
    Ranking Criteria: Number of properties on the National Register of Historic Places, Incentives offered for maintaining or rehabilitating historic structures, Local Government Investment in historic areas, Sustainable building practices
  • 10 Best Music Cities

    Everyone knows Nashville, NYC and L.A. are alive with music ... but where else can the music-minded indulge their passions and feel right at home? Here are our top 10 picks.
    Ranking Criteria: National rankings for great venues, music scenes and/or record stores, Number and diversity of music venues, Number of independent record stores, Number of current and former residents who are noted musicians, Excluded known industry centers: Nashville, NYC, LA
  • 10 Best Cities for Book Lovers

    Readers, rejoice. This list of the Best Cities for Book Lovers has your name written all over it. Find out which cities we picked and what makes them great book cities.
    Ranking Criteria: High quantity of bookstores, Independently-owned stores, Large collections of books, Events celebrating authors, writing, books
  • 10 Best Green Cities

    Going green is a reoccurring theme in towns across the U.S. We've dug deep and found places where protecting the environment, saving energy and loving planet Earth come naturally.
    Ranking Criteria: Lots of recycling, Use of fuel-efficient cars, Sustainable building practices, Environmental protections demanded by residents
  • 10 Best Gardens to Inspire

    We've selected 10 of the best gardens in the U.S. to plant ideas in your head. These scenes of divine green are sure to bring your budding aspirations into full blossom.
    Ranking Criteria: Large Gardens, Variety of Plants, Unique attributes