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Explore the best cities for wining and dining in America

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Do you love beer? Do you try to buy all of your fruits and veggies from a farmers market? If you answered yes to any or all of these, this is the page for you. We look at the best cities for foodies, beer, barbecue, farmers markets, and more.

  • 10 Best Foodie Cities

    Discover the best cities for foodies when it comes to restaurants, farmers markets and residents who prefer local restaurants to fast food. See which cities have the best food scenes.
    Ranking Criteria: critically acclaimed restaurants , residents who prefer independent restaurants, access to healthy food and farmers markets, low obesity rate, James Beard Award winners
  • 10 Best Beer Cities

    We analyzed consumption rates, beer preferences, award-winning brews and breweries to create a definitive ranking of the best beer cities in the U.S. Take a look at our top picks.
    Ranking Criteria: beer consumption, beer preference, award-winning breweries, breweries per capita
  • 10 Best Foodie Cities

    Dig in to our list of the best food cities in America of 2014. We set the table with places that contain diverse collections of independent restaurants and residents who strongly support local farmers, and where healthy foods are easily accessible. Take a look, but don't look hungry.
    Ranking Criteria: Frequency that residents eat at local restaurants, Amount that residents spend on food, Access to healthy food options, Number of farmers markets, Number of restaurants, James Beard Foundation Award winners
  • 10 Best Foodie Cities

    See which cities made the list in our second batch of the best food cities in America.
    Ranking Criteria: Excluded known food-lovers’ cities, Populations less than 250,000, Number of food festivals, farmers markets and cooking schools, Ratio of top-rated restaurants to residents, Number of nationally recognized chefs, Number of craft breweries and wineries
  • 10 Best BBQ Cities

    Spend any time looking for the best barbecue cities in America and there's no doubt you'll come across the usual suspects. Much has been written about the smoking, saucing and rubbing going on in places like Memphis, Austin, Chicago and Kansas City, but the search for the best 'cue is an endless one. So consider our list of barbecue cities as an addendum, or maybe it's just excuse to keep on eat'n.
    Ranking Criteria: Lesser known BBQ city, Number of BBQ restaurants, Favorable customer reviews
  • 10 Best Farmers Markets

    We've gone a pick'n and came back with a healthy list of 10 Best Farmers Markets. Take a gander at some of the best places to get homegrown goodness and have a bit of fun.
    Ranking Criteria: Large offering of food, Community supported agriculture, Organic choices
  • 10 Best Beer Cities

    If you're a beer lover then chances are you already know about the big brewing cities. But here's a look at beer cities you might have missed. Find out who made it on our list of the Best Unexpected Beer Cities.
    Ranking Criteria: Excluded known beer cities, Number of breweries, Well defined city identity
  • 10 Best Foodie Cities

    We sniffed out and found 10 of the best food cities in America between the great food meccas of New York and L.A. Take a look at what we consider to be the best foodie cities in the country, and get ready to be hungry.
    Ranking Criteria: Excluded known food-lovers’ cities, Number of farmers markets, Number of independent restaurants, Overall quality of life, Cost of living