Best Places to Live


Explore the best places to retire in America

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a place to retire: affordability, climate, tax rate, crime rate, health care options, ways to stay active, nearness to family. We know it can be stressful trying to figure it all out, so we decided to help by offering these lists, which are compilations of all the important data you need to have when choosing your best place to retire.

  • Best Places to Retire

    We crunched the data and picked the best places to retire and enjoy an affordable and fun-filled life.
  • Best Places to Retire

    We've identified the 10 best cities to retire in. These retirement destinations offer affordability and great quality of life with many things to do.
    Ranking Criteria: Health-care spending, Cost of living , Percentage of people age 60 and older, Crime rate, Weather, Parks, Walkability, Golf courses, Air quality
  • Best Places to Retire

    Utilizing a collection of data to measure health care, natural amenities, tax incentives and quality of life, we've determined the best places to retire in 2014.
    Ranking Criteria: Health Care, Cost of Living, Recreational Amenities, Crime, Walkability, Taxes, Age Diversity, Social or Emotional Support Services
  • Best Places to Retire

    When choosing where to retire, most older adults look for places where they can stay active, engaged, inspired and healthy. So to determine our 2013 list of the best places to retire, we looked for cities with excellent and varied cultural and recreational options, vibrant atmospheres, and accessible, quality health care. Considering where to retire? Take a look at our picks.
    Ranking Criteria: Percentage of ages 55 & Up, Healthcare spending, Median home price, Low cost of living, Presence of college, Cultural amenities