The Best Hidden Bar in Every State

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The Best Hidden Bar in Every State

We scoured all 50 states to pinpoint the best secret bars and speakeasies. Here's where to find them — and how to get in.

By on March 8, 2020

Best hidden bars in every state

A liquor store freezer opens to reveal a secret stairway to an underground bar. A fake video store requires patrons to answer movie trivia questions to enter a Tarantino-themed speakeasy behind the wall. A broom closet leads to a long hallway which leads to a cozy hideaway with craft brews on tap. An unmarked door in an alley leads to the coolest cocktail spot you’ve ever been to. 

Speakeasies and secret bars are growing in popularity, and cities across the country are getting in on the action. We scoured every state to pinpoint the best of the best secret bars and speakeasies in America. Read on to discover these truly hidden gems — and more importantly, how to get in.

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