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liv score
How We Calculate Our Data
Civics 91
Demographics 54
Economy 62
Education 93
Health 69
Housing 40
Infrastructure 50

#44. Brookline, MA

Part of the Greater Boston area, Brookline is the birthplace of John F. Kennedy as well as Conan O’Brien and Barbara Walters. This upscale community enjoys a median family income in excess of $100,000.

Brookline includes nearly 25 distinct neighborhoods with historic buildings and homes, and local college students can choose between nine higher education campuses such as Pine Manor College, Hellenic College and Newbury College.

Coolidge Corner and Washington Square are the city’s two primary retail districts, and Brookline’s health care score was boosted by a number of major hospitals within the region. In addition, Brookline’s active and tight-knit community scored high in social-civic engagement. People here are passionate about where they live, and it shows.

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