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St. Paul, MN

Population: 304,624
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Don’t overlook Saint Paul, the other half of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. It’s a hip, diverse city with a friendly, Midwestern vibe that’s welcoming to families, young professionals and retirees alike. Saint Paul is growing and, thanks to a steady stream of graduates from the city’s many colleges and universities, it’s bursting with fresh energy and talent. If you’re thinking of starting a business here, you’ll easily be able to do business internationally, since residents of Saint Paul speak more than 100 languages, including Somali, Hmong and Spanish.

Top Industries and Employers: Healthcare, finance and technology

Best Coffee Shop: Workhorse Coffee Bar, which locals love for its unpretentious vibe, friendly baristas and convenient location next to the light rail. 

Best Local Beer/Brewery: The Midwest IPA at Urban Growler Brewing, which won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair. Even better? Drinking it in the beer garden.

Must-Have Meal: The Juicy Lucy — a burger stuffed with cheese — from The Nook.

Best Co-Working Space: Work It, which has treadmill and bike desks to help you stay active and be more productive while you’re cooking up your next big idea.

Best Meetup Spot (When Meeting Up Is a Thing Again): Bad Weather Brewery for trivia and food trucks. 

Creative Hub: The Lowertown Arts District, a neighborhood with one of the highest concentrations of artists in the Midwest.

Favorite Weekend Activity: Hiking or snowshoeing at the Mississippi National River & Recreation Area, which spans 72 miles of the Mississippi River.

Free Way to Have Fun: All the free events and festivals held in Saint Paul, like the Saint Paul Art Crawl, the Irish Fair of Minnesota, Saint Paul Winter Carnival and the Little Mekong Night Market.

Local Dream Job: Volunteer staff member at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum

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- Sarah Kuta

"There’s energy here, yet Saint Paul is laid back, real, neighborhood-focused and even a bit quirky. The people here are proud and they care – we are a diverse community that looks forward, while honoring its roots and history."

Terry Mattson
President & CEO, Visit St. Paul

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