Things To Do In Berkeley, CA

Berkeley’s rich, diverse environment provides great shopping, art and museums, plus amazing food.

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Downtown Arts District in Berkeley, CA

Berkeley’s rich, diverse environment provides great shopping, art and museums, plus amazing food. “This is paradise,” says City Councilor Susan Wengraf. Wide sidewalks allowing cafes to spread out help provide a European feel. The Cal Golden Bears are the home team, but close by via rapid transit are the baseball Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants, and football teams Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

Restaurants in Berkeley

Berkeley’s restaurant scene allows for the vegan, vegetarian and the carnivorous alike. Its farmers markets are rich due to California soil and diverse crops. Alice Waters’ famed Chez Panisse remains the foodie epicenter.

National press fetes Gourmet Ghetto, residents love the variety of eateries on food district Shattuck Avenue. Treats at Cinnaholic and burgers at Bongo Burger top the Daily Californian’s student polls. Jupiter Restaurant wins raves for pizza and craft beer.

Theaters in Berkeley

“Impact Theatre is one of the best-kept secrets in Berkeley,” says resident Karin Wertheim. Must-see theaters include Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Aurora Theatre. The Berkeley Art Center and other galleries stress original arts and crafts.

Museums include the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, and the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles. The Berkeley Symphony provides classical balance to many contemporary and jazz venues.

Bars and Clubs in Berkeley

Whatever you’re looking for, from jazz clubs to beer and billiards, you’ll find it in Berkeley. California’s wine industry encourages fine wine lists in local clubs and restaurants for enthusiasts. Freight & Salvage Coffee House presents live music, as does Cal Performances right off campus downtown.

Parks in Berkeley

Berkeley’s environmental focus means plenty of green spaces, parks and local urban agriculture. Walking, hiking, rock climbing and bike riding are popular. Lush, green Tilden Nature Area provides 740 acres of nature preserve, plus a steam train and vintage carousel. Reclaimed from a Bay-side landfill, Cesar Chavez Park hosts the Kite Festival, and offers a nature preserve, dog park, wetlands and shorelands.


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