Antelope Valley Real Estate Market Offers More House for Your Money

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The housing market in Lancaster offers more bang for the buck along with a great small-town quality of life. Just ask anyone. Denisse Coelho‚ assistant marketing manager with national homebuilder K. Hovnanian Homes‚ says now is the time to buy a home in the community. “A lot of people are scared because they think the market is going to crash‚ but in reality‚ if you look at statistics in prior years‚ interest rates are still really low‚” she says. The housing market in Antelope County also offers more value than buyers could find elsewhere in California. “You can buy twice the home for the cost‚” Coelho says. “We have a gated com­munity that starts in the low $400‚000 [range]. You can’t find that anywhere else.” And Lancaster has even more good news to brag about. The community also is adding new businesses that bring job opportunities‚ as well as shopping and dining choices. Vern Lawson‚ director of economic development/rede­velopment for Lancaster‚ says the city adopted a strategic plan to balance available housing with jobs. “We have more people living here because of the affordable housing than we have jobs‚ so we have a lot of commuters‚” Lawson says. The city is being remade with new com­mercial centers‚ expanding industrial parks and a downtown revitalization. “We’re introducing a new urbanism into the city’s core‚” Lawson says. The downtown area will include an “artist’s district for performing artists and restaurants‚” Lawson says. “It’s going to be quite an effort.” Lancaster’s interior neighborhoods will offer a mix of residential housing and retail shops‚ he notes. The city also is embarking on a new branding program as part of the remodeling‚ he adds. The area’s leaders expect to roll out the new civic image for Lancaster in time for the city’s 30th anniversary in November 2007. “We’re developing a new sense of community‚” Lawson says. And the housing market continues to play in a role in that. While the new housing market cooled nationally in 2006 for developers‚ buyers in the Lancaster area still can find a great deal. “What’s happening in the Antelope Valley housing market is it’s stabi­lizing itself‚” says Gretchen Gutierrez‚ executive director of the Antelope Valley regional office of the Building Industry Association of Southern California‚ which represents new home builders and contractors. “The market could not continue to go at the pace it was going at; it needed to readjust itself‚” she notes. “It’s still a great time to buy a house. Interest rates are low‚ and new homes are on the market.” In fact‚ the strong economy offers reasons to make the plunge to home ownership. “We’re still an affordable community in terms of house pricing‚ compared to the rest of Los Angeles and compared to the rest of the region‚” Gutierrez says. House prices average $375‚000. “That’s considerably better than other parts of Los Angeles County or Ventura County or Orange County‚” she says. “So get out there and shop. The economy overall is good‚ and the unemployment rates are down. All of those things are good things for the housing industry.”



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