Petaluma Rich in Performing Arts, Antiques, Butter & Eggs

Parade, draw some 30,000 people annually

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Petaluma CA
Jeffrey S. Otto

Once a year, concerns about cholesterol get tossed to the wind and Petaluma indulges in the ultimate holiday: the annual Butter & Egg Days.

The world’s largest omelet, the egg toss, the cutest little chick in town contest and the big kahuna of egg homage, the Butter & Egg Days Parade, draw some 30,000 people to this otherwise level-headed town each year.

Petaluma is the birthplace of the egg incubator, a fact of which and Petulamans are very proud (at least once a year). No one knows why the community earned the nickname “Egg Basket to the World” – unless it’s the 600 million eggs Petaluma exported annually at one time in its history.

The Annual Butter & Eggs Day Parade & Celebration, held each April, is just one of the city’s many yearly festivals. Others include the Art and Garden Festival and the Fall Antique Faire. Petaluma isn’t always so rowdy as on festivals days, but that doesn’t mean culture is dormant. On a quiet day, historic downtown Petaluma is a pleasant maze of quaint restaurants and iconic antique shops. Anna Maude Antiques, Attic Treasures and Kentucky Street Antiques are among the favorites.

Also downtown is the Petaluma Collective, home of the Sgt. Richard Penry Medal of Honor Memorial Military Museum, which displays antiques from both world wars, military motorcycles and other memorabilia. Other museums in the city include Petaluma Historical Museum, featuring a poultry exhibit, and the Petaluma Wildlife and Natural Science Museum. Petaluma is also home to a variety of performing arts, including the Cinnabar Performing Arts Theater, the Peninsula City Ballet and the North Bay Theater Group.

The Petaluma Arts Council is overseeing the renovation of the historic train depot to become the new Petaluma Art Center, which will provide space for art classes, exhibitions and programs.



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