Affordable Home Prices in Victorville, CA

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 14:38

Real estate broker Caroll Yule heard about a man from Tucson, Ariz., who traveled to Victor Valley in 2010 to visit a friend.

The man liked Victor Valley so much that he toured an open house in his friend’s neighborhood, then the man returned home to Tucson and sold his own home. He moved to Victor Valley two weeks later.

“That man purchased a beautiful home in one of our nice communities, buying a four-bedroom house with two baths and 3,000 square feet for under $200,000,” says Yule, who owns Shear Realty that operates six offices throughout the High Desert. “Victor Valley has some of the best home prices in all of California right now.”

Brighten People’s Moods

Yule says it’s no secret why people would want to move to Victor Valley. There is an abundance of blue skies and sunshine that brighten people’s moods, and the region is near all Southern California attractions but doesn’t have the traffic problems. There is also the beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains.

“I just visited Boston where all the houses look the same – they’re all brown brick, but our High Desert cities of Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto and Apple Valley have many housing styles,” she says. “The options here range from ranch-style homes to mansions to rural estates and more. I live in Spring Valley Lake right next to Victorville, and that little community actually has a manmade lake that allows residents to water-ski right in the heart of the desert.”

Now at 2002 Prices

Yule says buyers today interested in Victor Valley can get a lovely 5-year-old home measuring 1,500 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a nice neighborhood for $120,000-$130,000.

“During our real estate boom years back, the median home price here was $367,000, but then real estate values dropped throughout the nation,” she says. “Homes are selling right now at 2002 prices, so turn back the clock and come to Victor Valley.”

Cecil Volsch, president of Victor Valley Association of Realtors, says young families, senior citizens on fixed incomes, single moms and anyone else can easily buy homes today in the valley.

“Monthly payments are often less than a person will pay in apartment rent, which is amazing,” Volsch says. “House prices start at $70,000 and go up to around $400,000 for waterfront homes, and the median price in Victor Valley today is about $150,000.”

Attractions Galore

Volsch points out that Victor Valley has clean air, low humidity, is less than an hour from an international airport, has good schools and there is plenty of outdoor recreation that includes city and county parks. There are also shopping options such as Dunia Plaza, Hi-Desert Plaza and The Mall of Victor Valley, plus a Restaurant Row and a top medical center in Desert Valley Hospital that is adding a new wing.

“Also here is Victor Valley Community College and a satellite campus of Azusa Pacific University, and the valley has attractive land that is available for commercial and industrial development,” Volsch says. “Companies would be wise to move here because we have fewer regulations and a ready workforce. If you drive 40 minutes from here, prices for land and homes are three times higher. Victor Valley is a great place to live and work for many reasons.”

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