Walnut Creek, CA Offers Varied Local Recreation And Scenic Outdoor Experiences

In Walnut Creek, it seems like there are as many activities as there are citizens.

On Friday, May 8, 2015 - 03:16
Walnut Creek

In many suburban communities, the concept of “recreation” doesn’t extend much past sitting on the porches, watching the neighborhood kids ride their bikes. Not so in Walnut Creek, where it seems like there are as many activities as there are folks in the town. The city’s recreation department offers dozens of classes and clubs for eager learners of all ages. Kids can get their feet wet in everything from space exploration to engineering with Legos, and adults can dance their hearts out to the Argentine Tango or take a Jazzercise class. Those of a more mechanical persuasion might opt for the 60-year-old Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society. The Society’s Opus, the Diablo Valley Lines Railroad, is a permanent 54x32-foot layout built by club members containing more than 4,300 feet of hand-laid track, complete with mountains, on 175,000 individual railroad ties. One train takes 45 minutes to complete the elaborate circuit. For relaxers who don’t want to use their inside voices, the city of Walnut Creek owns roughly 2,700 acres of open space, anchored by the Frank Borges ranch, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If the open spaces don’t quell your wanderlust, head over to Mount Diablo State Park, which offers horseback and bicycle riding, camping and hiking. On a clear day, those who make it to a certain crest can see Mount Saint Helena to the north. Local favorite spots in the popular park include Fossil Ridge, which is every bit as historic as it sounds, and the Diablo Valley Overlook, where hikers pause to take in a new view of the famed Golden Gate Bridge. The park also features a museum, an art gallery and an interpretation center to help enhance the natural beauty of the park.