Walnut Creek Cuisine Is Heavy on Diversity

If you were to visit and eat chicken fingers and French fries every night, it would be no one's fault but your own.

On Monday, April 30, 2012 - 22:10
Walnut Creek

If you were to visit Walnut Creek and eat chicken fingers and French fries for dinner every night, it would be no one’s fault but your own. Sure, snacking is practically in the city’s name (if you like walnuts, that is), but the edible landscape is notable for both its high quality and wide diversity. Among popular travel aid TripAdvisor.com’s Top 10 diner-rated eateries in the city, no less than eight distinct cuisines are represented. The Number One choice is Tullio’s, an Italian joint with allegedly show-stopping veal picata, but more eclectic temptations follow. In just one (gluttonous) day, a visitor could enjoy internationally inspired tapas at Va de Vi Bistro and Wine Bar, tandoori chicken at Swarna Indian Cuisine and Turkish – well, whatever it is that Turkish restaurants serve. From Thai to tuna melts, French pastries to pizza, the swath of choices is difficult to keep track of. For the more hands-on culinary enthusiast, Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market offers the chance to hand select fresh produce straight from the harvest. This is not your mother’s weekly trip to the grocery store, though. The market offers hot coffee and live music Sundays year round. Rounding out Walnut Creek’s sophisticated palate is the annual Art and Wine Festival, now in its 27th year. The event, which is recognized by the Contra Costa Times as East Bay’s Best Outdoor Festival, draws 100,000 visitors annually to sample award winning local and regional wines and microbrews, while perusing dozens of local artists’ work. Food from local establishments, activities such as the Art and Wine Festival Train and music of all genres make the event ideal for families. Whether a visitor is looking for an excellent Persian dinner or a robust California merlot, Walnut Creek will deliver every time.