Wake Up and Smell the Coffee at Peet's in Walnut Creek

Seattle has Starbucks. Walnut Creek has Peet's.

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Seattle has Starbucks. Walnut Creek has Peet's.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea has been the start of many mornings since it was opened by Alfred Peet in 1966. Born in Holland, Peet was appalled at the low quality of American coffee and set out to change that. He ended up sparking a revolution in specialty coffees and teas. He even mentored other coffee entrepreneurs including the coffeemakers who would go on to establish Starbucks.

With a strong commitment to its partners around the world, Peet’s Coffee and Tea always pays higher than the market average to its international suppliers, and every bag of coffee is certified as a Fair Trade product. Peet’s is also committed to providing the best coffee experience possible as they always roast and ship their coffee the same day and offer free Wi-Fi for customers at its retail stores. Coffee lovers are invited to monthly coffee and tea tastings at one of Peet’s two Walnut Creek locations. Find out more about Peet’s by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.



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