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University of Colorado"“Boulder in Boulder, CO
Photo: Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado

One of the most common phrases heard in Boulder these days is: Now that’s a good idea.

This Colorado metropolis, named by USA Today as America’s most educated city, is quickly gaining a reputation for its “creative class,” a term coined in by best-selling author Richard Florida. His book “Rise of the Creative Class” describes a group of people, such as scientists, artists, teachers and architects, who live mobile lifestyles – often living and working in several different places during their careers.

These people – nearly 40 million Americans and 30 percent of the workforce – have become key players in the overall economy, and Boulder has become one of their favored destinations.

Where Work and Play are Friendly Neighbors 

However, in Boulder, work and play are not always mutually exclusive activities in the downtown area. Where else can you watch a fire-juggler from your office window? Walk to your favorite restaurant for lunch? Drink a latte on your bicycle commute to work?

These are just a few of the many reasons more and more people are taking their business to downtown Boulder. In addition to the pedestrian-friendly Pearl Street Mall, the downtown area also has a wide variety of restaurants, ample parking, breathtaking vistas and easy access to hiking and biking trails.

Also with an increase in the activity of entrepreneurs, the Boulder Economic Council cited Boulder as an “Entrepreneurial breeding ground.” Boulder attracts entrepreneurs because the city itself is so much like an entrepreneur: fit and energetic, educated, accepting of different ideas and willing to take risks.

Business in Many Forms 

The city is fast becoming a hub for think tanks, startups, consulting firms, high-tech and telecommunications companies and small businesses of all types. Many high-tech start-ups and well-known companies such as IBM, Google, and Webroot have chosen Boulder. In addition, the region is a pioneer in the areas of natural foods and holistic healing. As a regional saying says: in Boulder “For every techie, there’s a yogi.”

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