Farm to Table Movement in Boulder, CO

As the forerunner of the organic food industry, Boulder, CO offers healthy food served in both the market and in quality restaurants.

On Sunday, June 2, 2013 - 10:55
Boulder, CO

Few Americans realize that Boulder, Colorado stands at the head of the organic food movement, a grocery-shopper craze that is now nationally recognized. The market for health-conscious products has grown like wild herbs and you can hardly enter a grocery store without seeing at least one section dedicated to foods that have not been chemically altered, processed or injected with artificial flavor. Boulder businesses have cultivated this trend for decades.

The Genesis of Organic Food

Anne Cure, who began Cure Organic Farm, now raises more than 90 varieties of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Cure is the latest in a long line of Boulder entrepreneurs dedicated to raising, promoting and selling natural products. Industry pioneers such as Mo Siegel, founder of Celestial Seasonings herbal tea company, Mike Gilliland, founder of Wild Oats Markets, Inc., Steve Demos, founder of Horizon Organic Dairy, and Doug Green, founder of New Hope Natural Media, all started in Boulder in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Once considered part of a cottage industry, their companies today are national leaders in the booming business of natural products. And despite business growth, mergers and acquisitions, they all remain headquartered in Boulder.

A Taste of Boulder

Similarly, Boulder restaurants are dedicated to choosing locally grown ingredients and fresh produce for their menus. They are also just as dedicated to originality in style. There are special customer experiences that only Boulder restaurants can offer. For instance, take Flagstaff House Restaurant conveniently located just a five-minute drive from downtown Boulder. Imagine sitting in comfort at 6,000 feet, gazing out over the city and miles of wilderness. A few deer pass by. A bear lumbers through the forest below. The waiter appears with a plate of Japanese Mero with lump crab and shitake mushroom ragout along with a glass of vintage wine. Flagstaff House Restaurant promises their patrons a delicious meal and a stunning view, perfect for anyone who wishes to sample one of the many rich flavors of Boulder.

Old Italy in the Rockies

Another restaurant has the taste of old Italy. Frasca Food and Wine opened on Pearl Street in August 2004, and has met with rave reviews from several airline in-flight magazines. In fact, Frasca’s chef, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, was chosen as one of the 10 Best Young Chefs in the United States in 2005 by Food & Wine magazine. With all things said, the food and produce that Boulder has to offer can be summed up in one phrase: healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. That’s what Boulder is all about.

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