Boulder, CO Real Estate Options

Boulder, CO, offers real estate to suit any potential resident's taste.

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One of the reasons Boulder’s citizens have nothing bad to say about this mountainous city is because it has something that appeals to everyone’s fancy. And the same is true of Boulder’s housing.

Homes with a Scenic View

For those who want to live at the base of the Flatirons near countless trails, there are Chautauqua homes. Chautauqua offers both modern and vintage homes, all custom made with an emphasis on the surrounding mountains and trees. Owners of Chautauqua homes love to live amidst nature and enjoy plenty of access to it.

If the inner city of Boulder appeals to you more than the country, there are apartments for rent right on Pearl Street. East Pearl and Uptown Broadway real estate offer apartments where Boulder business is booming. Live in the heart of the city where Boulder feels alive. Walk to the restaurants. Bike to work. Live where everything you need is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

If you can’t decide between then city and the country, consider Newlands neighborhood, which is located minutes away from the University of Colorado, Pearl Street and outdoor recreation. These homes each have their own beautiful architecture and a lot of windows so families can enjoy the best views Boulder has to offer. At the same time, they are also a walking distance from Boulder’s metropolitan area.

For the more frugal-minded, Boulder also has programs and websites where you can find affordable housing and apartments available in the district. For those who would like to start from scratch and build their own dream house, Moores, one of the oldest properties in Boulder, offer vacant plots of land for sale. Ranch-style housing is also a favorite in this neighborhood.

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