Outdoor Activities in Boulder, CO

Beautiful weather and surrounding landscape create many opportunities for residents to participate in outdoor activities in Boulder, CO.

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Boulder residents march – or rather hike, bike and run – to the beat of a different drum. Named as The American Heart Association’s “Most Heart Healthy City for Women,” the city at the base of the Rockies is renowned for healthy activity and recreation.

The Athletic Mecca

Boulder provides what most athletes consider the perfect environment for cycling, running and climbing. For experienced athletes, the altitude and temperate climate make it ideal for intense training and endurance. But even the average person can find a wealth of opportunity to be active purely for the recreational enjoyment. For both the Olympic athlete or the average Joe or Jane, opportunities in Boulder include rock and ice climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, backpacking, boating, hang-gliding, windsurfing, horseback riding, alpine and cross country skiing, biking, golfing, fly fishing and skating, just to name a few.

Catching the Active-Bug

People here take full advantage of their glorious surroundings. Boulder boasts 30,000 acres of open space, 200 miles of public trails and a pedestrian-friendly urban setting. Even the weather is accommodating with an average of 300 sunny days per year.

With such conditions for recreation, Boulder consistently ranks highly amongst U.S. relocation destinations, and has even been rated as one of the thinnest cities in the country.

As one citizen of Boulder puts it: “It’s difficult to stay indoors when it’s so beautiful outside. That’s Boulder.”

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