Hot Housing Market Adds Fuel to Relocation Fire

Reasons why you should move to Fort Collins

On Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 17:19

Maybe it’s the 300 days of sunshine. Or the 5,000-foot elevation. Whatever the reason, many who visit Fort Collins find themselves making plans to stay.

Relocation, Anyone?

The local chamber of commerce fields an average of two to five calls per day from individuals wanting to learn more about schools, health care, recreation, weather and community life. And the answers to those questions just seem to add fuel to the relocation fire.

Starting in a Starter

Brown Farm neighborhood is one of the largest developments in Fort Collins. Because of its size, it’s a good place to begin to look for a variety of houses and architectural styles. The neighborhood consists of starter homes that range from two to four bedrooms.

Living in a Community

For those who would like an urban setting with pedestrian and biker friendly sidewalks, easy access to both work and the great outdoors, then Palladian Homes is the place to look. Each house is made with color, architecture and beauty, as well as energy efficiency. Prices in these homes range from $150,000 to $750,000.

Lofty Living

If you’re a fan of loft living, it doesn’t get much better than Downtown Fort Collins. A surplus of properties are available in one of the hippest districts in the West, and they range in price from $215,000 to the millions. Old Town Lofts is a three-story office and loft building on South College Avenue. Many loft-owners still prefer the industrial look and Old Town Lofts is only too happy to appease demand. Old Town Lofts feature large warehouse-style windows, 11 and 12-foot ceilings, open floor plans and a lot of exposed utilities. Such living gives residents a chance to get creative with their furniture and live in a trendy, inner-city dwelling.

Home to the Family

University Acres and South College Heights are an example of Fort Collins’ best family neighborhoods. They are in the center of the city and therefore offer a close walking distance to schools and shopping areas. If you want mature homes made with brick or wood and tall trees in the front yard, then give these neighborhoods a try. It seems as though everyone who visits Fort Collins wants to find an excuse to live there. With beautiful outdoors, a lively artistic culture, and committed schools and health care, it’s no wonder that Fort Collins has been hailed as CNN Money’s 2nd Best place to live in 2008.