Why Pueblo, CO is 'America's Home Of Heroes'

Hint: It has something to do with the Medal of Honor.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:28

In 1993, Congress proclaimed Pueblo, Colorado to be "America's Home Of Heroes," for the city's distinction of being the only city in America with four living recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Honoring Heroes

Over the following years, Pueblo hosted a series of events to honor and recognize its own Medal of Honor heroes in particular, and all of these great Americans in general. Coupled with this were additional activities including a six-month series of stories to honor "ordinary veterans," men and women who had not received the Medal of Honor but had served their Nation in uniform.

In honor of a local celebration of National Medal of Honor Day in 1998, a unique Medal of Honor display was unveiled inside Pueblo's newly constructed convention center.

Designed by HomeOfHeroes.com webmaster Doug Sterner, the audio-visual memorial highlights the heroism of Pueblo's four Medal of Honor heroes, complete with uniforms displaying all of their ribbons and awards. 

Display-only Medals of Honor were obtained to hang around the neck of each man's uniform in the display and you can also see an actual Air Force Medal of Honor inside the glass case as well.  This is one of the very few locations in the world where the general public can view actual Medals of Honor depicting all three designs.

Memorial Dedication

On September 21, 2001 a unique memorial was dedicated outside the entrance to the same convention center inside which visitors could view the previously dedicated Medal of Honor exhibit.  

Renamed "Heroes' Plaza," the memorial had been declared a National Medal of Honor Memorial by the U.S. Congress, months before the unveiling.  Four 8-foot bronze statues to Pueblo's local heroes dominate the plaza and encircle a pool of water.  A unique marble podium provides staging for special events. 

Behind the statues fly the National colors, the flags of each branch of military service, and the POW-MIA flag. 

The memorial is completed by four large, black marble panels into which is etched the names of all 3,440 Medal of Honor recipients.

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