Pueblo County

Real Estate in Pueblo, CO

Ready to move to Pueblo, CO? Click below to learn more about recent housing trends, average home values and other real estate insights for the Pueblo, CO Metro Area area .

Real Estate Overview

So you want to move to Pueblo, CO, but aren’t sure if you can afford the housing costs? Here’s what you need to know: The median home price in Pueblo is $114,200, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $740 . The median salary in Pueblo, CO, is $34,550, and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you.

Property Values in Pueblo, CO

  $1,000,000 or More 0.5%
  $50k to $99k 31.1%
  $100k to $149k 28.9%
  $200k to $299k 10.1%
  $300k to $499k 3.6%
  $500k to $999k 1.3%
  Less than $50k 9.3%

Median Home Price
in Pueblo, CO

Monthly Rent in Pueblo, CO

Property Tax (with Mortgage) in Pueblo, CO

$1.5k to $2k 12.5%
$1k to $1.5k 39.4%
$2.5k to $3k 0.9%
$2k to $2.5k 3.3%
Property Tax $3k or more 1.1%
$500 to $999 39.9%

Median Property Tax
in Pueblo, CO

Property Tax (without Mortgage) in Pueblo, CO

$1k or More 1.3%
$250 to $399 40.9%
$400 to $599 30.1%
$600 to $799 4.9%
$800 to $999 1.9%
Less than $250 20.9%
Property Tax Less $0.5k 2.9%

Median Propery Value
in Pueblo, CO

Median Rent
in Pueblo, CO